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  • Christine Vial-Kayser, 'The Gothic Spirit in the art of Jake and Dinos Chapman: An Historical Investigation.'

    [Otranto 007] To cite or link to this article, please use the permanent url , or the shortened link .   In 2006 Tate Britain organised an exhibition devoted to the Gothic spirit in the art of Henry Fuseli…

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    Scholarly Articles / 28 July,2014
  • David Langdon, System Override: Detecting Conservative Trends Within Gothic Video Gaming

    [Otranto 006] In the field of Gothic studies, the Gothic is commonly figured as a force of rebellious escapism. This view is contested with regard to Gothic video games in the following essay, by identifying conservative trends in a number of…

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    Scholarly Articles / 06 May,2014
  • Eva Coupková, ‘Vile Treachery in my Castle!’: The Subversion of the Patriarchal Castle in Two Early Gothic Plays

      [Otranto 005] This paper compares two early Gothic dramas performed during Horace Walpole’s lifetime – The Kentish Barons (1791), the only play by Francis North, and Miss Burke’s single play entitled The Ward of the Castle (1793). Many critics…

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    Scholarly Articles / 24 April,2014
  • Viviane Delpech, The Château d’Abbadia (Pays Basque, France): Antoine d’Abbadie’s romantic and political utopia.

    [Otranto 004] This communication attempts to show how d’Abbadie’s approach consisted in recreating a dreamlike microcosm expressing both his romantic and reactionary ideals. Abbadia’s Gothic Revival is not limited to architecture and decors but it also spreads into the whole…

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    Scholarly Articles / 17 March,2014
  • Pimlyco; or Runne Red-Cap, 'Tis a mad world at Hogsdon

    [Otranto 001] Pimlyco is a 25-page pamphlet that was entered in the Stationers’ Register for John Busby on 15 April 1609, and re-assigned to William Barley, with a now-lost ballad called Ha with you to Pimlico on 3 May.[1]  Only two copies of…

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    Scholarly Editions / 28 January,2014
  • "'Tis a mad world at Hogsdon": Leisure, Licence and the Exoticism of Suburban Space in Early Jacbean London

    [Otranto 002] This essay is a study of the 1609 pamphlet Pimlyco, or Runne Red-Cap: ‘Tis a mad world at Hogsdon, which concerns the Pimlyco tavern situated in Hoxton in north-east London. A scholarly edition of the text of the pamphlet,…

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    Scholarly Articles / 28 January,2014
  • Fiona Robertson, 'Disfigurement and Disability: Walter Scott’s Bodies'

    [Otranto 003] Drawing on recent scholarship on the physical in the Romantic Period and on considerations of disability in modern and contemporary poetics, Robertson here considers conflicts of corporeality in Walter Scott’s works, critical reception, and cultural status. To cite or…

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    Scholarly Articles / 28 January,2014